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The Firebird Band - "The Setting Sun and Its Satellites"


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Chris Broach: Vocals, Guitars, Drum Machines, Synths, Programming, Drums, Piano, Rhodes, & more.
Todd Finkel: Drums on all tracks but GIFT.
Andrew Hawthorne: Guitars on 2, & 8-10.
Erik Bocek: Bass on 2, & 8-10.

Engineered and Mixed at Coney Island Studios, Madison, WI. September - December of 1999 by Wendy Schneider.

*except Gift was recorded in an apartment by Broach on a 4-track machine on Christmas Eve of 1999 and later added to the record.

Mastered by Dale Meiners.

Originally released in 2000. The original CD included a cover song of The Big Boys' "Which Way to Go?" mixed with their "Sound on Sound" - but it has not been offered in this digital release...

review from by: Jennifer Perkins

"Kids dressed in all black singing over heavy bass lines about a girl that's so beautiful; this is the Firebird Band, and it's damn good. One of my favorite records... The Firebird band has been making the mixed tape circuit in my neck of the woods, and that's always a compliment... Keyboards are more prevelent than distortion driven guitars... Broach must have musically stood out like a sore thumb in the Braid music making machine if this was the sound he was into all along. Go little thumb go, because me likey likey."

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